About Our Inspiration

We are consuming our world very rapidly. An we only have one! We are worried about the lack of change.

Our Why

Nature dissapears, animal species are dying out. We throw our seas full of plastics. Pollution takes over the blue sky.
That's why we will do our utmost to help everyone to support in making the difference needed.

Our team is exited to work together with you to change! To change the world into a sustainable world, for us, and for our next generations. The Global Goals is a perfect framework to focus, to work on 17 topics, knowing when we achieve a new economy, a new social life. We cannot do this alone and firiendly ask you to support. We made a start, but share your experiences with us on this community.
Together we can do it!

Laura foto professioneel
Laura de With — Founder.

Our Story

We stand for a sustainable world. We strongly believe only together we can make a maximum impact. That's why we believe in this community. Working pro-actively on implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s or Global Goals), that's what we all do. We're all experienced in our own field of expertise, or want to become a future professional.

Creating more sustainable businesses, focusing on higher performing teams, better learning material for students,….bring it in and share your best practise! 

Last but not least, we work international. We are looking for ambassadors all over the world. You’re always welcome to become one of us!  Do you? Just let us know!

Meet Our Lead Team

We are working with a team of trainers and international agents. You want to become a trainer? Do you want to become an agent in one of the EU countries? Contact us!

Rob de With

With a lot of international experience in training in higher education, Rob is one of the lead instructors, Besides instructor Rob is course developper too.

Laura de With

Customer centric marketing & communication specialist. Supporting the team in the backoffice, and working as a junior trainer. Creator of the community.

Meet Our Ambassadors

We are really proud to see our international network is growing! We get a lot of attention from people who want to create impact on the implementation of the Global Goals in higher education and businesses.

Raimonda Paulauskaitė

International sales experienced Raimonda is helping Lithuania to becom a solar energy based country

Besides that, she is professional instructor in one of the trainings.

Your name fits here

You like to share your experience in making impact?  

Become an ambassador and share in in the community.

Contact us for more information.

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What Our Participants Have to Say

Rob is a wonderful agile and creative professional.  He quickly understood the importance of sustainability and invested in his projects dedicated to the SDG's, connecting this to his marketing and HR knowledge and skills. Trustworthy and good to know !
Prof. dr. Jean-Pierre Segers
Riga Technical University, HEC Liège and PXL-Business
Rob helped us to see what skills we have, and which skills we could improve to improve the teams overall performance. Furthermore he helped us to create a vision on the Sustainable development goals and to put them into practice.
Michiel Wiegerinck, MSc
Associate professor, Avans University of Applied Science
I recently took several courses and I can say that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and effectiveness of these courses. I would highly recommend these courses to anyone interested in learning more about sustainability and making a positive impact on the world.
Edvinas Laurikenas
From Lithuania
Jack wants there to be an ambassador to learn from. Become one and inspire him!

We need ambassadors from all over the world. Become one!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK
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