PCA2030 Sustainability Trajectory

Raise the bar for ESG leadership and become SDG-Proof!

What is the PCA2030 Sustainability Trajectory?


This trajectory is an initiative of CIFAL Flanders, empowered by UNITAR.

PCA stands for SDG Pioneer, SDG Champion, and SDG Aambassadeur. Ze weerspiegelen drie ambitieniveaus in ons PCA2030-traject voor het realiseren van de SDG’s.

2030 verwijst naar de VN-Agenda 2030 voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling en de SDGs.

Traject concerns the path on which organisations embark to learn, implement and communicate on the SDGs. Each ambition level is rewarded by a UNITAR Training Certificate of Completion.


Every organisation already touches upon elements of sustainability. However, sometimes organisations need a push to raise their level of ambition in line with the SDGs. The goal of the PCA2030 Sustainability Trajectory is to offer your organisation the tools needed  

  • Elevate your organisation’s sustainability ambitions to actively shape a sustainable future

  • Be prepaired for the new CSRD-ESG reporting regulations

  •  Contribute as a co-creator in the pursuit of Agenda 2030 objectives

  •  Develop a robust time-resilient strategy for your organisation that integrates sustainability principles and SDGs
  •  Engage in CIFAL Flanders’ dynamic sustainability learning network for ongoing growth and progress
  •  Prioritize an outside-in approach aligned with Agenda 2030 for effective implementation

The PCA2030 Sustainability Trajectory uses an outside-in approach to sustainability, meaning that the sustainability goals are set based on external, societal or global needs. 

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