May 22nd, from 5 - 22.30 pm we will have our second group starting the PCA2030 trajectory. Do you want to join? You're welcome!

Speakers will be announced soon.

Location: NAC BREDA

The pressroom is our room this day. 

The detailed agenda will follow soon.

During the day you will get an introduction of our PCA2030 program. This program supports you and your organisation in becoming SDG-proof. You will be ready for the future. Responsibility and reputation are key, CSRD-ESG are taken into account. 

This event you will be informed about the specific timeline to increase your (sustainable) performance. A start will be made by doing a first exercise.

We will explane the proces. Guided by our team, you will be able to remain focus on your own business. Creating impact, and becoming ready for the upcoming reporting regulations is our focus.

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