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Edita Jurkonyte

Global Goals ambassador

This digital scan gave me immediately insights in my personal talents, and direction to become more sustainable in personal life and in business. 

Course Description

In a really short time we will discover youtr talents by doing a digital scan. We will connect the outcomes with the most suitable Global Goals. A start of your career by using the Global Goals to become a change agent for a better world. 


Amazing Course

Unbelievable, a 15 minutes scan gives me so many insights of who I really am. I changed job and use much more of my personal talents in my new job. Feels better, much more energy left at the end of the day to put in my social life. 

George Roman

Course Details

Course Duration

Approx. 2 hours

Course Price

€ 79,00

Course Level

This course is for every one

Course Description

This fully online course provides you a natural start to work on achieving the Global Goals. It also gives you the opportunity to steer your career towards a sustainable one. 

Key Features

A big hug for you!

As the CEO of this community I would like to thank you! Your ''click'' to take this course means a lot. It shows your responsibility, and you will make impact to create a better world. You, your children, and every one after that, will be very happy to have a healthy and nice place to life.
Big hug.
Mother EARTH
CEO of the
Thanks for taking this course. A small investment in yourself means a big investment in our mutual future. You are now one of the ambassadors of this community. Follow us on our socials, and if you like you like, we will mention you as one of us!
Laura de With
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